Hotdog Man Hotdogs!

Old style badge but with hotdog mans name. Old style badge but with hotdog mans name.

Monday Mashup: Marcus Daily around the area I live is known as the Hotdog Man. He has been selling hotdogs since around 2009 and has a large following on Facebook. Facebook has a new policy where you have to use you real name. I made this badge for him to use on his facbook page.

Crashlands Love

mash up of 3 wolf moon and hugo form Crashlands doulbe exposure of Flux from Crashlands and a cut from the game.

Monday Mashup: This week is a double feature. I played a lot of Crashlands last week so I had to do some sort of mash up. The first is a take on 3 Wolf Moon but with Hewgodooko and the planet Woanope. The second is an artsy double ex poser with Flux Dabes and a scene from the game.

Global Game Jam

Zelda and game jam logo mashup.

Monday Mashup: This weekend is the big weekend. Grab a friend or two or three and get ready. I was asked to help make the t-shirt for this event. This was one of the concepts for the logo. It is a combination of Zelda and the Game Jame logos.