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AMCON Labs / Jr. Software Developer

2016 – PRESENT,  St. Louis MO

  • Maintain Eyecare Professional  E-Commerce Website (Amcon)
    • Updated frontend and backend to show featured and discounted items using SQL and Stored Procedures to read effective dated records in a MS SQL Server database.
    • Updated frontend HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap and backend SQL and Stored Procedures to show curated list of products for easy order flow.
    • Resulted in new all time high traffic
  • Maintain B2B E-Commerce Website (Jaos)
    • Worked with business liaisons to customize product pages
    • Created and updated SQL and Stored Procedures for custom ordering rules and approval processes
    • Created inventory tracking using SQL and Stored Procedures to check materials on hand during the checkout process.
    • Onboarded 4 business clients totaling over $1m sales per month
  • Generate Sales and Marketing Reports
    • Measure promo code impact using SQL to create Ad-Hoc queries of order history information.
    • Create excel documents with query results for sales and marketing team analysis.
  • Upgraded Amcon and Jaos website to responsive design
    • Led upgrade of Amcon and Jaos website to modern responsive design using bootstrap enabling mobile and tablet usage.
    • Resulted in new customer acquisition by enabling mobile device ordering
  • Inventory Tracking Software
    • Track materials on hand before and after sales
    • Resulted in reduction of expired inventory waste