Painting the Human Scoundrel From Gloomhaven

Any combo of small paint brushes


Ki-Rin Gold

Mithral Silver

Rigid Leather

Otyugh Brown

Feywild Emerald

Troll Skin

Ruddy Skin

Flesh Wash 

Gray Primer

One of your 2020 activities is playing Gloomhaven. The game is great but I felt the minis that came with the game could use a nice paint job to go with the environment. Here is how I did my paint job.

I did buy the D&D paint sets off Amazon but I am including The Army painter color comparison chart to match paint colors.

Primer and Base Coat

The first thing I do is clean the miniature with some warm soapy water. This will take off any oils  or dirt. This will help the paint stick better to the miniature. 

After the miniature is completely dry cover the mini with a thin layer of primer. Do not skip the primer step. If you do your paint will not stick to the mini like it is suppose to do. When you apply the primer make sure it does not pool in any creases. We are looking for a smooth thin layer. 

After the primer is dry we will apply our base coat. This is where you imagination can go crazy. You can choose any combination of colors. I tired to match the picture on the player card. I added a couple thin coats of Ki-Rin Gold, Mithral Silver, Rigid Leather, Otyugh Brown, Feywild Emerald, Troll Skin, Ruddy Skin for my base coats. Let dry completely. 

Shadow and Highlights

This step is completely optional but it adds a lot of depth to the mini. First is to add your shadows. I have some flesh wash on hand but you can make you own with any paint that is darker then your base coat and to thin it down to almost water. Brush this all over the mini. Make sure the wash gets into all the creases but like the primer make sure it doesn’t pool up an any one location. Let dry completely. This will take longer than the base coat. 

The wash is going to darken the entire mini to bring out the color again we are going to go back and dry brush the base colors back on. This time we are only going to brush on the raised areas of the mini. We want their to be some contracts between the wash layer and the mid-tone/highlight area. If you want to take the highlight even further you can mix some of your base coat paint with some white paint and add this to the highest points on the mini. 

At this point I was happy with the paint job and I called it done. I did not add a varnish to this mini. It is going to be in our basement and not played too much. 

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