Global Game Jam 2016 Magic Meatball

Garrett Luecke and myself made a game over the week end.
Use the power of a magic meatball to summon The Flying Spaghetti Monster! Guide the Magic Meatball to different points of the Wingdings so unlock The Flying Spagghetti Monster. May you be touched by his noodly appendage.

title screen flying spaggitte monster meatball

Check out the game here


Hello Zoo

Garrett Luecke and myself made a game over the weekend for ScatterJam 2015. Go to the Zoo and check it out!. Answer questions right and get cute animal videos and zoo cred.

Play this game by following the instructions below.

1. Download TaleBlazer on your mobile device.

2. Enter the game code: gcgaxes from the menu pane on the right.

Sleeper Curve Crew:

Natasha Matthews,

Garrett Luecke

Game made for the St. Louis Zoo.